Jewelry Design

    I was 16 years old when I made my first piece of jewelry.  I quickly pulled together a charmed collar to match a dress I was wearing that night.  Nearly 10 years later, I made my second necklace while I was attending school for massage and yoga. I wore it continuously and received so many compliments and questions of where I had purchased the necklace that I decided to start making and selling my creations. Ever since, I've been designing jewelry.
    Due to copyright issues*, I rarely openly display my jewelry on-line anymore. Instead, I inform my jewelry customers of new collections through a privately-accessed gallery site.  I copyright my designs* prior to any publication on my gallery site.
     While I practice and encourage others to reuse and recycle items, it's still nice to make the exception to buy something new and unique from time to time. Inspired by my life's passions, these little jewelry treasures (some recycled, some eco-friendly, and some brand new) will last a lifetime if you treat them with care. I also offer decor design for real estate properties and other interested clientele for their personal or business needs.
*Copyrights reserved on all designs.  

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