Jewelry Design

    I've been designing jewelry since my teens and professionally selling jewelry through stores, fashion shows, art fairs, and special events in my spare time for over 10 years now.  Due to copyright issues, I rarely display my jewelry openly on-line. Instead, I inform my jewelry customers of new collections through a privately-accessed gallery site. I also design for custom orders such as bridal/bridesmaid* jewelry.
    While I practice and encourage others to reuse and recycle, it's still nice to make the exception to buy something new and unique from time to time. These little jewelry treasures (both eco-friendly and brand new) will last a lifetime if you treat them with care.
 *Copyrights reserved on all designs.  

If you recently attended Meg & Joe's wedding and admired the bridesmaids' earrings, please contact me, below,
to special order a pair of these handmade, crescent moon earrings featuring citrine and mother-of-pearl gemstones.  
These can be made with silver, gold, or copper metal and of various thickness/gauges.
The current new collection:   Crescent Moon © 2016

 *Copyrights reserved on all designs.